SPII Redux Turn 2

Turn 2

Clear weather again the Axis get lucky and score 7 air total to the Soviets 1.

Situation at Start :

1 Guard and 5 Tank attack near Medvezhi.  Rum 1 & 2 are attacked.  The Soviets attack 8 Corp near the hills of Vertochii. The surrounded units of the 6th and 7th Rum are persecuted.

In the central part of the map 8 Corp loses 3 steps. Over all this turn Axis lose nearly 30 steps.  Once again reserve movement allows the Soviet 5th Tank and 1 Guar to power towards the Chir River. Blinoff is by passed and Lipovskii captured.

In the Axis turn the Germans star with re organizing their lines and throwing units in as speed bumps, shilst arty and HQ’s and high defense value units head to the planned secondary line.


8th Corp seeking revenge for the pounding last turn eliminates the sole break thru unit  near Peskovatka.  Massive barrages DG the 64th Army HQ and elim a small division.

The 64th Armies attack is halted as 2 divisions the 56th and 13th Tank are crushed by the combined efforts of 24 Pz and 16 Pzr (see above).

A desperate counter attack in Lipovskii is foiled by tough defense. 1st and 22nd Panzer avoid losses.

Turn 1:








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