Phantom Fury

The troops rushed another courtyard. Bang on windows, pounding doors shouting to draw fire. Each small house its own special death trap.

The Abrams idled waiting for orders. Once given the outcome was certain. As it headed out moving along with the troops the tank commander stayed topside, as he could point out insurgents from his 8 foot vantage. RPG’s skittered off armor, some detonated, others did not.  She was impervious.

Security teams posted up and Humvees prepared to medvac the wounded ASAP. One house smelt of fresh shit. “Occupied” came the shout. The Squad formed up and went to work. They could all see the Mosque in the distance. bristling with Muj.

There is no respite.  Once they clear a few houses, move along empty ones, a new threat pops up. Ahead they could hear the Muj yelling at each other as they scrambled from the line of Sight of the Tank.

More suspects were encountered in this block, each building should have been demolished or shot up with a MAW. But there just is not enough c4, or shoulder fired ammo to go around. A Humvee with a grenade launcher pulls up to assist and pounds 20 rounds into a house. The Grunts of Kilo Co, grin. One less building to clear the hard way.

In an operational pause, a UAV is used to identify and target the blocks ahead whilst the wounded are moved to the rear.

With men being wounded and med evac out, 3/5 slows its advance and looks for some help.


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