Bibracte 58 B.C. Final

Over the course of the battle Caesars legions initially took the brunt of the barbarian charge on the chin. Shield and boss against bodies, Pilum and Gladii flying and thrust against the swords swing, axe stab and hide bound armour of the Helvetii. Whilst the leadership of the tribes was no match for Romes generals and Legates they managed to withdraw bloodied and in some disarray to a hill

up from the River.

Caesar took this time to reform his lines, rotate weaker units to the rear and move the Scorpions forward.  From the Lager a roar arose as two supporting tribes made an appearance. Historically Caesar peeled the ‘third’ line from each Legion to deal with the threat.

Below you can see that we took a different approach. An extended line of Auxilary cavalry and an entire legion turn to face the fresh warriors.

Caesar, eager to finish the battle before lunch, took his men first cautiously across the minor river, ready for the Helvetii to rush them.  Which they did not.

Considius attempts to get into the rear of the Barbarians to tie up forces and prevent any envelopment the enemy might try. [top left screen in the image below]

Meanwhile the Tulingi and Boi are wary of being half across the stream and isolated. The advance at a deliberate pace. The Romans look on and try to stretch them by rapidly seeking their rear.

Caesar extends the offer to all of the Legions to engage up hill at the ready. Minucius takes him upon the offer. The X Legion attacks with Brutus at its head. Despite the disadvantage of the level differences, the Pila, and weapons of Rome prove devastating. The IX also attacks and suffers from a hesitant attack. they are bloodied and pushed back whereas the X plows deep into the midst of the horde! Caesar knows the enemy is close to breaking and needs just 2 or 3 of their formations to instigate a general rout.

The VIII being led by Caesar attempts to push the barbarians back to mixed success.  Caesars generalship comes to the fore as he squeezes more action from his men, the VIII and IX Legions attack with more vigor.  The crest the hill.

Vasico one of the Helvetii clan leaders realizes that if the VIII makes further headway all is lost.  He charges into the fray.

Six formations follow him all along the line. Some of the VIII are pushed back. But other barbarian forces do not fair so well. They break on the shields of Caesars tight formations.

That is enough. They run.

The Boii and Tulingi, realize that today is but one day, there will be other days in which to die on the Roman sword.


Rome inflicts 95 RP  on the Helvetii. plus another 58 steps of damage. For virtually no losses and 48 steps of cohesion damage.

The ability to rotate fresh forces and flexible command doomed the barbarians from the outset.


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