Stalingrad Pocket II [Turn 7]

Conflict surges to and from over the various rivers that define the extremities of each armies positions, Turn 6 was bloody, but Turn 7 is proving ot be a testing ground for the stamina of both armies.

December 1-2

Weather Clear

Axis Air 5 (Amazing rolls so far thankfully)

Soviet 3

Opening Turn 7

Soviet rapid response to defend the HQ’s at Stalingrad and precious Katys, reveals the weakness or brittle nature of the Axis war machine at this stage of the war. II sized units fighting divisions are all well and good on the offense. But establishing a credible defense when isolated is another story altogether.

Center Map Karpovka area

As the Soviet the Axis player realizes his error and over enthusiasm. By drawing off nearly all available units The Soviets surround and ground pound the Panzers. 2x 6-3-10 Pzr units are wiped out by barrages and attacks. Was that worth destroying 1 HQ and reducing another?

Meanwhile the 65th Army prepares to push over the Karpovka River again. Various units attempt to wrap up 2-3 stragglers who refuse to die or collapse from lack of supply.

4 Rum is finally destroyed. An Assualt into the town of Surovkino (a VP hex) is executed and manages to just reduce the defenders. The Axis go all in allocating 2 air to support the defense.


Meanwhile 5Tank attacks across the river – the 8th and 47th Guard units attack along with units form 1 Guard. Motorized.

Nonplussed the Germans wipe away the tears and put it down to stupidity. In the North the Axis exact a form of revenge and go on to attack hex 28.07 (see below)

Pushing the Soviets back over the river.

killing 2 steps , surrounding the 8th Guard from 5 Tank Army. Exploitation further reinforces the beleaguered units in Surovkino.

The 294 beats up the SOviets and this allows for exploit movement to place the 3/11 back in supply.

Final situation in and around Surovkino:

A tough turn for the Axis this turn. The Soviets are dead set on Surovkino and may not be able to be held back.

The End of Turn 7:

Turn 8 coming up.


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