River of Perfume PbP

Hey there, got something different for you today.

I setup a scenario of LNL Forgotten Heroes II……Man.

I have not even started and  I am tactically stumped, verklempt even.

Have you ever sat down to play a game and looked at the boards and just “whoooosh”, the sucking sound of doubt and fear creeps into your head. Your stomach goes into a knot and your heart skips a beat…well that could be old age. But anyway you know what I mean?

Who should move first, what about cover? Crap, what is my first objective? How will special rules affect play….As a Company commander I FAIL!!

But I am getting ahead of my self.

Here is the situation:

A reduced company of war weary USMC from 2nd Battalion 5th Marine are working their way through downtown Hue.  The 2/5 is tough. But they have taken losses and are not happy to be going door to door. These images show starting buildings and locations but not final setup hexes. Here are the forces:

Lt Regan and a Assault Move capable squad with an M-60 and a one shot use Lucky man card.

These guys will likely setup where they are.

Padre here and 2 squads with a LAW have  apretty good field of fire and can cover moves by the VC or suppressing fire for whoever crosses the street .

Good as any hex here for setup.

The Board:

So first things first the VC are going to move from the tip of the building with the 4 hexes. and move away from the two point platoons, placing one 2 units upstairs and I’m not sure where to put the VC Hero.

The VC by the pool with Dobie San will split into two fire teams, and Arnat will stay put.

There is a catch. VC are only spotted if they move or fire and are in open terrain. Once spotted they revert to normal spotting rules. This means no spotting to suppress for the USMC!

Here is what I am considering as USMC player:

So what would you do?
Would you setup differently for the USMC?

Which option would you take of the two proposed?

What are the other choices for the USMC?

Finally which of the Attack plans would you use?


6 thoughts on “River of Perfume PbP

  1. My instincts would be to give 1 PLT the sole task of taking that building in the middle. 2 and 3 PLT would be used for cutting off retreat from that center building and preventing reinforcement from the two enemy squads further away. Let us know how it goes!

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