Stalingrad Pocket II [Turn 6]

Opening Turn 6

End Turn 6

Turn 6

Nov 29-30

Air Resources:

Weather: Fog

Axis 3 Soviet 5

Soviet movement plan continues. They press hard in the South East, and re organize and prepare to cross the Volga once again. They attack 4 Rum who survives another attack from the Soviets, tying up their resources.

West of Blinovski a NR allows the 84th to survive again as well. The soviets die rolls suck at this point!

4th Tank and 1 Guard attack at the outskirts of Suovikino, pressing t get across the river before it is reinforced.

Rushing to stem a leak!

In the Southern end of Lake Barmantsak finally the units their achieve a breakthrough using reserves from the reinforcements.

A D1 in the Hills in the 6th Run area, also weakens the hold on the high ground.

The Germans move aggressively to stop the potential breakthu in the North. A major re org pushes counter punch units into the hole.

The Axis plan key barrages to slow down or stun the Soviets at the junctions to allow some breathing room.

In Stalingrad, the out of Supply and DG’d Soviet units in Kransnoarmeisk are finally eliminated.

With the recapture of K Town and barrages upon marshaling forces across the Volga the Guards Units their were positioning for an assault next turn take a loss and DG. Similarly in the North a huge artillery barrage south of Obilsvskaya DG’s 14 Guard and related units.

The Soviets across the bridge are forced back and suffer horrendous losses. Air, Dams and grit combine to produce a huge battle for the multi bridge hex.

Huge breakthru for Axis.

The 24/16 and 29th combine again as a mega stack and this results in an 8:1 and a break through.

This may have been an ill advised advance and exploit....but I think killing the HQ is worth it?

Follow on in exploitation kills the HQ, reduces another and setup up an attack upon the Katys. In fact I just realized I forgot to roll for the attack on the Katys. May as well die trying versus being  DG’s and over run!

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