PbP: Leros Campaign 1600 Day One

After a furious series of turns the time for another poll has arrived. Last post we were at 0640, and I posted recently that the 0900 turn things were going well for the Allies.

They were. Past tense.

After 30 air sorties life is a bit different and the tenuous hold on two locations is now no longer. Lets take a look.  Whilst overall I feel like losses are light for both sides. The damage is wearing down the Allies somewhat faster than the Axis.

Overall situation @ 1600 Day 1.

See past posts here: http://meshtime.com/?s=leros or the discrete links below for a full chronology.

Here is the situation. From 9am onwards on Day One of the battle for Leros the British and their allies have fought hard.

The Invasion at dawn was not a surprise but it took its toll. The Allies have lost some key positions.

Initially we wanted the Allies (you) to hold Ports and piers as long as possible. This would prevent new forces landing easily and keep heavy weapons off the Island.

This has not happened. The Italian Forces have gone radio silent. Last reports were they were under heavy attack from Kust Co. Losses were severe. We must therefore assume that side of the Island is no longer under our control.

Worse yet. Repeated bloody assaults in Portolago has resulted in the decimation of Kents. 1 platoon and a MG section finally retreated @ 1400 hr.

Further inland near Leros good news is to be had. The brave Kings Battalion forced the enemy back out of the outskirts of Leros and they were last seen headed for Mt. Vigla. Likely a rally location.

Heavy airstrikes kept our artillery under pressure and we lost 25Lb guns and 2 mortar sections in the heights above Leros.

Worse yet the fighting Irish were forced from Quaranta by the Pioneers who had attached additional forces to their attack. The Irish still hold Germano and morale is high.

The Clidi Ridge held by Buffs is holding strong. Mt Vendata may not hold much longer. 2 platoons are skeletons and one has been lost. But the Germans were forced to retreat with heavy losses. Axis forces appear to be bombing the crap out of us and hunkering down (in game terms the Germans have realized that now they have access to Piers it will take time for reinforcements to arrive.) They have elected to hold gains and pound with airstrikes.

1600 situation – click thru for larger image

To date 30 sorties have been flown by ME 109’s, Stukas and Ju-88’s. The results have been mixed. 6 step loses inflicted. Certainly not as high as I (Axis player) was hoping. Only 39% of the Sorties are getting thru the Sortie success table rolls. Lots of suppression results but nothing that the Axis could take advantage of. Targets were focused indirect weapon resources. Historically the Axis flew 5,000 sorties. Sounds like a plan.

Forces on the ground expect airstrikes to continue  all day tomorrow, especially given the losses taken by German forces to date.  They will need to soften up key objectives according to Battalion Commanders, their shovels are out, digging deeper holes.

Your job:

As the Allies approach night new plans (op sheets) for units that have failed need to be thought about. Those that are still in Op sheets may want to change plans over night.

Therefore some decisions need to be made.

buffs hold

Buffs are indeed holding but only just. The forces off Clidi Ridge need to move and consolidate. Or do they?


The Irish are spread out. They have some opportunities to consolidate forces and possibly prepare for a counter attack.  If the units further along the coast line move closer to the action they can form a reaction force OR counter attack force.  Moving at night is best due to Airstrikes. There are 3 choices. 1- USE D co. to reinforce Ridge and defend attack from Constantino. 2. PREPARE to defend from attack on Mt. behind Co D. by forces coming from Portolago. 3. Counter attack either Quranta or another target. 4. DO nothing…ok 4 choices.


Here unless you guys suggest otherwise(via comment), I think Kings holds here. Victory s determined by “control ” of Leros. Mt. Mera could likely use a company or at least 2 platoons. IF the IRISH Co. D does not reinforce that position I suggest we move 1-2 platoons to the mountain and dig in.

Note that there are reinforcements available with the Kings Battalion. These forces need to set sail tonight to arrive in the AM. They have a pre existing plan to land at Pandeli bay. I suggest that be reconsidered?


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