Opening moves Stalingrad Pocket II [Turn1]

In an earlier post we discussed a little about the options for the Germans and their Allies.

Retreat Options and VP hex control Goals.

Using a historical setup The Soviets opened up with relatively light barrages, thinking to assess where the Germans would move or if they would stand and fight. There was no shock and awe campaign!

SCS players know there are variable module specific rules. In this game we roll for Air points, which are used per 1.7 rules or as defined in module – i.e. column shits, or added to barrages.

Determined Attack or DAMS are a special feature used differently by each side. They in essence double some or all of your forces attack factors.


detailed setup shots available on Facebook

Date: Nov. 19-20

Turn 1

Reserve Counters: 10 Axis/12 Soviet

Axis 7 Air 2 DAM

Soviet 2 Air 6DAM

Weather Clear

Disorganised = DG

North to South:

Soviets move and attack modestly in turn 1.

Soviet Turn 1

1st and 5th Armies score DG’s, the 25th Army DG’s some units leveraging Katys. Whilst 62nd Army inflicts a step loss on 4th Corp near Stlaingrad

1st Guard attacks the 11th.  near Blinoff. This results in an A1

8th & 47th atk the 9th Romanian north of BLinoff, scoring a D1

21st Army attack across the dam pontoon and pay dearly for it. A2. 21st army also attacks and kills units in Bazkovskii. (11.21)

24th Army area attacks near Pashino killing the 113th of the 8th Corp.

64th  attacks 4th Corp with a 7:1 odds and gets a NR….really.?

57th army earns a NR for a 3:1.

Attacking across the hills the 51st kills 2 steps and 4M kills the 5Cav Rumanian in (57.24).

But otherwise the 7th Rum. Corp holds on, and give up nothing on the 2 passes. Further west they are not so lucky.

Fired markers are from TCS, I’m using them to denote likely attacks or barrages

1 Tank drives SW of Korotkovskii and attacks.

4th Tank attacks Rumanian 5th. 1GdM sits in Reserve.

62nd Army  re organizes and head to…….…..#$#$#

We forgot to use DAMS!

The Axis Turn 1.

Barrages fires by the 6-7 Rum. Fail. 25+ factor barrage on the 36Gd gets a mere DG. The Axis forces move up to cover on the Southern side of Stalingrad, fill holes where possible. Several attacks on lone Katys in the rear only DG one unit.

The 6th Guard are reduced by 4th Romanian Corps mass barrage! 6:1 attack yields a d1.We are in for a battle of attrition here. Which bodes poorly for the Axis. The axis deploy aircraft liberally.

Using a DAM marker Axis fierce attacks kill 3 steps near pontoons at edge of Stalingrad, and an 8:1 picks off two more steps.

Each side lost 6 steps this turn.


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