22nd May TBL_2

  • Germany catches a much needed break. They win initiative and take the double turn. They roll 12 for replacements and earn good supply. They rebuild 1/35 and a Infantry Regiment.
  • Losses to date are 10 Armor, and 3 AC units. 4 Cav, and 6 infantry steps + a large number of regular infantry units.
  • Assessing the situation they elect for modest gains to properly encircle forces with out overextending. The vicious pace has cost the Germans dearly as they have lost a lot of high quality units across nearly every armoured division, SS Division and mechanized force.

  • In the South they plan on taking Thionville and expanding the break thru to capture Metz. Near Charleroi they intend to press the advance from both North and South. The French 4th Armoured is surrounded, they want to complete that and kill it off.

  • Move: 8th Pzr loops around Stenay to Verdun and attacks French units in strat mode 6/2 & 29M move thru and encircle 4A at mon Idee.

  • 5/7 Pzr overruns arty South of Charleroi and capture Binche. GD III takes Mons! , SS:T follow and the 10th Panzer advance south of Charleroi.

    4th Panzer approaches la Louviere and Nivelles where the French 1Motorized is. Arty advances to striking range.

    20th Motorized moves to Halle and overruns 1XXX BEF HQ. (4^4vs 5^0, AOi/DLo1)

    20Motorized and elements of 2nd Pzr take Vilvoorde to slow up supporting or reinforcing units, they capture the airfield their.

    Germans ram SP forward.

    During the air attacks 3 air sorties roll awfully for flak. One combat to remove Arty behind Thionville in the South.

  • Allied Turn.

  • Well a lot of good work and good play has been un done by missing placement of units in 2 locations. First the understrength hedgehog and then the roads south of Charleroi…….4 major formations are pocketed. Not much supply. The BEF dash in to build a ZOC protected line for Trace. Some units reinforce Metz, and the French look on in amazement at the line of units headed South to Verdun. Its a disaster. Perhaps it is just aa matter of time in any case in this game.

    [It is likely that the French should have done a breakout here. hind sight note] The 4A fights its way out of trouble with outside help. 5XXX FR can supply the French Trace but the BEF are OOS! 6 steps die for BEF, 1FR.

    1M is now surrounded and out of Supply too.


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