Langobritae 78 B.C. [PvC] p1/2

Aquinas fought Sertorius in 78 B.C. as a dispatch to secure supplies Marcus Aquinas was one of Marcellus’s officers during the siege of Langobritae. Earlier Sertorius informants had discovered the plan to lay siege and supplied the city with 2,000 extra water skins full of water and aided the evacuation of un useful townsfolk. As Marcellus’s own supplies ran short our man Aquinas was sent to garner supplies.
With a full 6,000 troops he was however ambushed by the wily Sertorius and his guerillas hidden in the woods. They were attacked both front and rear.
Our play thru did not achieve this. Thus we had quiet the time of it.
Why did history differ this time?
Firstly Sertorius was too eager off the bat to engage with his new ‘cohorts’.
He also failed a momentum roll that would have hastened the arrival of the LI ambush force. We may well have placed the ambush too far away? Or incorrectly?
The battle was won but at great cost, and certainly was a close run affair. The re was no running away this time by Aquinas, nor were 3k men killed and the rest captured.
Another example of the types of tactics that Sertorius would use. Informants and spies, Civil support and ambuscade tactics even tho out numbered 2:1. Our next battle will feature Pompeys first major defeat at Sertorius’s hands.
Follow the rest of the conflict in the follow up posts as a pictorial .

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