Baetis River 80 B.C. Redux

The post mortum here is simple.
We wanted to reassess the capabilities of the Sullan forces in our journey to identify, review, experience and ponder Pompey and Caesars military careers both in the lead up to their confrontation and what if any lasting impact people in their lives had.

Sertorius fighting against the ursurpers of Rome – the Sulla Faction ended up fighting against Pompey in a long campaign in Spain. One of my hunches here is that Pompey picked up a thing or two interms of tactics and ability to fight unconventionally as a result of his defeats at Sertorius’s hand.

Baetis is a classic example of Sertorian excellence. Out numbered, he positioned his forces knowing he had the better troops and the more flexible and able command and control. Our first run through was a rout. This time lets see what happens.

At the outset we place Sullan forces with the strongest Legion on the Left given that we have the broken terrain and a stream on the right.

The Veteran III Legion of Sertorius adjusts formation in reaction only a little by doubling up Cohorts.

We also double up some cohorts for more punch or better defense for the Sullans.

Typical Opening moves, Skirmishers move up, in this scenario Light Iberian troops move when SK’s move.

arrows and slingshot exchange and III moves up.

Sullan forces back up! In hindsight I should have gone for broke…..

The Light Infantry attack and do a bit of damage.

The Cavalry like wise get some and give some.

Sullan forces attack.

Sertorius seizes momentum from Flafidius or whatever the dudes name is…really.

Sertorius gets in the mix, and the Left wing starts to fragment.

I will say that the rolling was a lot more balanced this time.  The Sullan Army has no excuses this time. Its all tactics and timing. The Light Iberians attack again! routing one and forcing a retreat on another of the vaunted VII legion. Which has a mix of veteran and recruit level units.


The VII goes on the offence. putting some pain on, is it enough?

Not bad. In a rough and tumble melee, units are all over the place, dust whirls and men die.

Romes men, eliminate light infantry and all of a sudden there are a lot of Iberians with 2-3 cohesion hits rendering them combat ineffective. IF the Sullan army can capitalize then they could flank the III?

Sensing this Heronimius seizes and charges to battle. The III has waited for this moment.

Pila fly thru the air, shield to shield gladius v gladius…. bloody conflict.

The lesser recruit level Legion (XV) yields ground. The Veteran unit left of shot is reduced. The cohorts mid field routed.

Rout Points stack up fast mid turn 3.

Sertorian cavalry eliminate Sullan Cavalry and do NOT pursue!!

This forces flank protection moves by the VII, which has moved over to the defensive.  As too many Skirmishers screen the mangled Iberians to allow a clean attack by the VIIth.

Sertorius orders a big push. The III engages. 5 melees are arranged! ENOUGH cries the Sullan leader who flees the field .

Once again Sertorius is victorious.

4 thoughts on “Baetis River 80 B.C. Redux

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