NDC 5.2 [US Turn]

US furiously trying to shore up his front. Units not needing to move are resting, trying to shed the F2/F3’s that are abound.3rd BDE holding fast. Confusion reigns in 1st BDE area. HQ was rebuilt. Lost HQ CSP’s in disarray.2nd BDE fights for its life. 1/39M attacks 3/26T forcing it back. After a follow up attack, the soviets suffer a net 3 T/O points while the US 2.1/87M eliminates 7th Reconnaissance Battalion which had come in to the 2nd BDE rear. 1/87M did not advance, as not to increase the lifeline to 1/68A.With the heaviest combat support of the war (+7 CS Differential), 1/68A overruns 3/27T. Due to being in enemy ZoC, it did not have the MP’s (it was in DA) to advance/follow-up.

T5 US 2nd BDE fights for its life -750

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