Not much needs to be said. Aurelius was a commanding figure in life. When you see this statue in real life you appreciate its size and scale that are missed in pictures.

Fine details are evident through out this sculpture. The hand that wrote the “Meditations” is outstretched calmly. The horse’s lip curled around the bit, eyes fiery but acknowledging the control of the master.  This statute is 2,000 years old.  Sorry.  What?  yes, one of the only statutes to survive a Catholic purge of pagan items, as it was mistakenly taken to be Constantine the Great.  If you ever have the chance to visit the Plaza del Senatore do so and gaze at this statute.

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there.

A Noble man, of Noble intent. I’m an admirer of his self control, restraint and humility.

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