NDC 4.5

End of Turn 4 Overview

2nd BDE in the north is still tangling with an unprepared and under performing 7th Tank Division.The US center is relativel undefended as units shift.1st BDE and swung south and hit 94th TR of 27th MRD

3rd BDE is trying to hold fast. Center unit has assumed HA mode and has pulled back to defend its HQ.

NDC US Turn 4 Overview 750

NDC US Turn 4 8th ID (Mech) Rear Area 750

Going bad to worse for 8th ID (M) in Turn 5. The rain clouds parted and sun burned through. In the US Div center, 25TRR attacks through severely weakend cavalry troop. 2nd Bn, 25th TR was able to continue the attack and through the breakthrough zone and bumps into and eliminates HQ 1st BDE in a chance encounter. 7th Recon also roars through the gap and swing north behind US 2nd BDE. 26th and 27th Tank Regiments close up to and even oze around the BDE left flank and behind 1/68 Armor.

3rd BDE’s right suffered two step losses in a regimental attack with air and artillery support

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