NDC 4.4

1st BDE: 2/87M (MD) moves southward from Gross Eichen into Sector J4, and bumps into 3rd Bn/94th TR. 2/87 attacks and in the end inflicts and receives 2 step losses. (1/2 result but Fatigue check put 2/87 over F3 and lost a second step).3rd BDE: 1/28M, formerly of 1st BDE swings into 3rd BDE zone and attacks and overruns 27th Reconnaissance Battalion, inflicting pain and forcing it to retreat. This was an “unprepared attack” but due to overwhelming surprise the attack was successful.In the upper right is 2nd Bn/28th Mech after overrunning 27th Reconnaissance Battalion.

NDC US Turn 4 3rd BDE Sit 750

2nd BDE: 1/68A (DA) attacks and overruns 2nd Bn/27th TR/7th TD, inflicting two step losses and forcing it to retreat one hex. 1/87M attacks and eliminates the weakened 2nd Bn/26th TR/7th TD.1/68 Armor had just overrun 2nd Bn/27th TR/7th TD and 1/87 Mech just eliminated the remnants of 2nd Bn/26th TR/7th TD.

HQ, 8th Infantry Division (Mech): both 1/13M and 1/3/8 CAV shift southward. CAV takes a step loss due to fatigue. Due to the rainy weather, it did not make the progress that I had hoped for.

NDC US Turn 4 2nd BDE Sit and 1-3-8 CAV Movement 750

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