NDC 4.3

US Turn 4

8th Infantry Division (Mech) Turn 4 US chops 1/13 Mech from 2nd BDE to 8th TacHQ, and 2/28M from 1st BDE to 3rd BDE in order to allow it to operate in 3rd BDE Zone south of the hardball road boundary.Many fortuitous mode change rolls for US finally. Of note the northern and southern elements of 3rd BDE went into Hasty Defense (HD).

In Defensive Counter Battery Fire Phase, I see that 91st MRR HQ was left behind in the rapid advance during the soviet turn, leaving 91st MRR out of support range.

For US, I found that a lot more planning had to be done in order to synchronize the shifting of units and boundaries.

NDC US Turn 4 Vacated 1st BDE front 750

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