Soviet Turn 4

Turn 4 is a morning turn. It is Summer. The Weather rolls determine that there is no fog, but that it is still raining. As such, all off road movement cost are doubled and there is a +2 Combat Modifier.In the south, 92nd MRR finishes off 4th Troop 3/8 CAV in the now shattered town of Schotten. With this result, the other regiments of the 27th Guards Motor Rifle Division race through, lead by 27th Recon which encounters a mech battalion and 94th Tank Regiment closes up behind the reconnaissance unit.The fresh 91st MRR swings Southeast and encounters another US battalion, and is able to get around the US right flank.

Soviet Turn 4 93rd MRR eliminates 4th CAV 750

Soviet Turn 4 Lead Elements of 27th GMRD encounter US 3rd BDE 750


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