GD ’42 Update.

After looking at the board several times, counting the losses for the Soviets, and examining the scenarios I think I have a plan.

There are two paths available right now.

1. Simply setup the Late Campaign.

2. Or add 50% of the forces back to the Soviet army and leave the Germans as is. Then continue on for about 26 turns.  Which would be about where the late campaign finishes (well where the two discrete scenarios combined end). I would take the rest of the 30th of November and allow the Soviets to move ‘replacements’ in. No combat, no air no arty.  All Soviet units would need to retreat back at least 5 hexes from German units if they are going to be reconstituted or receive factors.

The Germans would be given an opportunity to free move units around Travino and re organize Vasil ‘stova’s defense.

All op sheets would reset as well and the game would kick off at 0700 1dec.

Why do this?

Why not just pack it all up and re start some day?

I dont know when that some day will be. Nor do I know if I will make time again with the level of face to face playing I’m doing right now. Its really interesting, and certainly worth another play thru, but I have this nagging desire to see what the other end of the map looks like!

If and when I decide what to do I’ll post up as soon as every thing is reset.


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