GD’42 Continuation Conversations

Lets get to the meat. Clearly the Soviets played their hand poorly. Took too many losses too early. Rushed objectives. Go caught in the open in Arty too often.

Their forces stand broken.

The Question now is do we carry on or do we reset or do something else?

Tell me   where you think the Russkies are at and lets see if we agree.

With 4 more Battalions coming in the next 24 hours there is a slim chance to eek out a minor victory or at least avoid a major German victory. On the 2nd 1 more Battalion and the 114th Rifle arrive, which might be too little too late type of thing.

The situation aint pretty.  All the Battalions are broken that are in play except the 49th.  Its not a good deal.  I need to consider play fun, versus desire to ‘complete’. The Germans are on a thin edge, and if the Russians had more units I think that they would take Travino and Vasil’stova in a heart beat…well a few hours.

Vasil’stova is weakened, and there is not enough strength on the German side to attack in depth ….yet.  If I battalion absorbs the 49th, well it really is game over for the Soviets.

The Soviets control 4 VP’s historcally at this time they had  6 vps which is close, but 15 by the same time tomorrow.

The scale or depth of VP acquisition accelerates as the game progresses. Require more losses….yikes.

Is there hope for the Soviets?  If so where and how?  what would you do as the Soviet Commander?  Vote in the poll and voice your opinion.

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