OpSheet Summary 0700 30th Nov GD’42

This is a bit messy. But the sheet summarizes action to date. I’ve caught some errors and had to write additional opsheets and go back and re roll some things.

GD-42_all Opsheets_summary (for the virus phobic, this is an XLS spreadsheet. I can make it a pdf upon request.)

This will show you just how FUBAR’d the Soviet C&C is tho.

Right now I have 5 Opsheets for the Soviet side. Only one has implemented. The flip side of the fun we had attacking for an extended period of time at night is that the men had no rest and no chance to organize. So we are now paying for that with failed implementations.

Which is ok for the Germans as they have had some failed rolls also. The challenge we see for both sides is getting everything done under the auspices of one sheet is hard, so multiple sheets are need. These take time to brew. Creates a bit of a headache, but really reflects some hard realities.
Imagine no op sheet!?! Right now the Soviet offensive machine would pick up where it left off, right on time. 0700 – boom, after fighting all night and working the hasty D intended use from the rules and guidelines more than a bit!

Well now instead,  we are paying the price. My barrages are coming 0700. But no one is ready to move. In fact with the retreats of the Germans, many orders will be wasted! So- life is not perfect! We dont have perfect ability to react to ANY situation.


As the Soviet player I dont mind the delay really. The ground gained and the forced retreat/re-org of the Germans is more than compensation for delay. In fact – The Soviets may want to reconsider their previous objectives and write NEW sheets and wait for those to brew.

In a video about to be released, the Map overview, highlights some weakness for the Germans. Vasil’tsova is now well undermanned.

It presents a tempting target for the Soviets. Especially if the Soviet 1319, can finally secure Travino. Then we have a real ‘two front’ battle. The Axis has gone over board on its response to the push towards Smolkovo. As the Soviet overall strategy was to go basically “all-in south of the Luchessa”, this represents an interesting temptation. With several Battalions Arriving hte Soviets could choose to put extra pressure on the Northern part of the battle zone.  The ar eno meaningful replacements, or troops

The Axis player is hoping to maintain Vasil t’sova and indeed Travino – by sending 8-II-GD as support for the beleaguered JAgd 110. The 8-II is desperately trying to dig in. The Germans want to hold tough here so they can push reinforcements forward and potentially counterattack and cause delays for the Soviet southern offensive.


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