Tagus River part 2 <narrative>

We pick up play early in the next round.
(see http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/577923/the-second-punic-… for part I)
Hasdrubal realizes he is in danger of being overrun. He rallies his men to attack the mob in front of them. Skillfully his men attack in waves, MI first weakening the Rebel MI’s, and where possible hit and run attacks with Light Infantry. Then as the MI, accumulate Cohesion Hits they withdraw and the LI’s step I to do combat benefiting from the damage inflicted by the heavier troops. The Phalanx finally succumbs after 5 separate combats, leaving an opening for the Rebel Cav lurking behind the infantry line.

Marhabal the RW wing commander of the Cav and EL (previously I had said it was HasdrubalQM but he leads the LW), deftly brings his Elephants to bear, those and the hit and run tactics of the Numidians is holding up and wearing away the Vaccaei flank.

This image shows the MI/LI attack mid RW, that hold off the Tribes

The Carpentani King holds his ground in the center, knowing that he does not have the numbers or the quality of troops to fight head to head against PH in one solid line. He must wait for an opportunity.

The Olcades Chief takes what is left of his Lancers and attacks the rear of the next Phalanx in hannibals line………they bounce off. Even though he has exploited the line he is too weakened to be of much effect.

Hannibal seeing this attack on his Africa PH, charges Surus into the fray destroying, no!!, decimating the 2 Lancers.

(this image shows Hannibal’s glorious charge across the field, talk about classic and in keeping with leadership principles of the day, He was a one man wrecking crew)

Rebels 102

Carthage 38

Its now or never the King realizes. He raises his horn, draws his sword and rides forward with his men thru the Tagus’s cool water. Wedging his men intothe gap left by Hannibals departure to rescue of the Phalanx. This has opened up the opportunity the King was looking for.

Disaster strikes, with both flanks feeling threatened the men waver, the Kings own run.

(The King blows it, his 2 unit attack results in a TQ check which fails -AR dead,gone, done. A little to the right you can see Hannibal behind the PH.)

Hasdrubal Barca sees the fear and immediately orders his men forward in a general attack. Its over the line breaks, The Tribes scatter. The Tagus runs red for days.

RP 134 Rebels

RP 38 Carthage
Interestingly during this battle right up until the last few moves, it really felt touch and go. Here is why. On the right flank 4 units were within 2 or 3 CH of routing. 2 PH were reduced, and most of the HC had CH’s to some degree. The line was held together with very angry Light Infantry who thankful struck more times than not with their Javelins. The left flank was not as bad as they were jammed up against a map edge. But all bar one Elephant were routed, and the loss of 2 LC over there also did not help. This could have gone the other way if not for a few key rolls and the generally good missile capability of the Carthage side weakening a not too powerful MI or LI army. The other key element here is leadership. The Carthaginians have range and operational flexibility that the tribes lacked.
For the Rebels its a tough battle, trying to screen off EL, find a spot to attack and avoid envelopment with very short command ranges is a challenging task.
Overall fun once, but I wont be playing this one again.

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