SemperFi Changallon Valley

Rick and I just finished the opening scenario last night that replayed what happened to the 1/5 Marines post break out from Pocket in Korea in 1950.

It was August and the Marines were rapidly headed North to Sachon finish what they started in their breakout.

The Chinese Communists had other ideas and laid an Ambush that saw intense fighting between both elements. I eeked out a draw on my first TCS system personal match.

I had hidden units skulking in the mountains and made a made dash for the victory areas on the last turn. Turned out historically. The Chinese were out gunned and out manned.

Although the American Marines suffered in the heat from morale issues.

All in all a great learning scenario, that nicely shows the relative strengths of the protagonists.

It looked a little like this: except we were playing on VASSAL. This video is from a previous play thru.

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