Issus using Arrians positioning.

The opening situation.

Macedonian first move is to secure the left flank by pushing up Parmenions team of HC & LC.
Alex Seizes and advances the Light troops in the center to clear out the Skirmishers.

The Persians prepare to overwhelm Parmenion

Meanwhile Alexander races to the left of the fords thinking to charge up the banks and tear thru the Cardeces…..oops banks are +3 height…Time for lunch.

The Persians push back the Left Flank, with some losses but taking out 2 Thessalian HC.

And back further!
The Center of Alex’s line activates and seizes its a race against time.

as the Greek Allies rush to bolster the left flank.

across the shallows up the slope and off to work! Craterus and his men smash the Greek Mercs. destroying 25+ RPs in 2 back to back turns, aided by cramped conditions on the Persian line

Yeah well we got sorted out – we know where to go now, but it really is nap time. we will wait here. Who needs history anyway!


Two of these units end up so bloodied on Alex’s center that they wander off to avoid Rout Point accumulation. Phillip has bett er luck in the center

No line here just pandemonium, Darius’s, Immortals counter as does the
Heavy Cav. All to no avail.

With the left flank secure Alex goes turn after turn seizing for the middle, wiping out left and right flank Carduces units, breaching the abatis, and providing the means to bring force to beat on the Greek Mercenaries. Two are quickly routed, and they advance seeking contact with Darius and his chariots.

Less than 19 Alex player turns and about 10 Persian turns. The Persian put 19 RPs on the board,and severely damaged a number of units, the Greek side inflicted 112RP’s. But in the end the right flank with Alex never got going and had lots of power to bring to bare should things gone the wrong way. I’m going to play the free set up to see if it makes a difference. See the earlier post.

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